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The journey has to begin early since the foremost objective of the pilgrim is to reach Gobind Ghat within the same day while making transit stops at Srinagar and Joshimath. Since the duration of the journey is long and  one can be subjected to blockages caused due to landslides or spells of bad weather, it is advisable to do so. After an areas to pray  for the success of the  journey and with the blessings of the Almighty-the Waheguru, one sets out to encounter the first of the paths.

For people coming from the crowded streets of the cities , the ascent proves to be breath of fresh air not just literally but also n terms of visual appeal. And As the pilgrim draws in lungful of the mountainside breeze, it leaves an everlasting impact on his mind.... one that would draw him back to his place again. The road is bounded by the sheer face of the mountainside on one side and river on the other .it is interesting to note how these two element duel and  how both seem to emerge victorious. Although  the mountains are imposing, it is the course of the   river that leaves the onlooker spell bound, widening and narrowing, bubbling over the steeper areas. Further on, one passes by bridges that tie two mountains together .Clusters of townships lie on the far side and one notices many a temple along the river.

The scene is a splendid presentation of colours and sounds. Various hues of green seen in the vegetation mingle with the tones of blue that the river and sky present he sounds vary from the cries of animal life in the nearby forests to the sounds of wate4r in different forms. The tinkle of a brook  trips down the mountain side , across the road and weaves in and out to join the roar of the river below. The  gentle pattering of rain, that becomes more than occasional once the monsoon sets in and since persistent rainfall brings the danger of landslides , these sounds are usually followed by the sounds of  blasting stones to  clear the road. This calls for halts and sometimes , one sees a long line of vehicles`-all waiting for the debris to be cleared. Although there are anxious moments, everyone helps to hasten the job and regulate the traffic .Extra precautions have to be taken while driving through the mountainside during this time as one has to avoid the possibility of falling stones and other debris. With the result, it usually takes around 5 hours to reach the town of srinagar.

The quaint little town of Srinagar can be considered as the mid point of the route from Rishikesh to Gobind Ghat. The Gurudwara at Srinagar is said to have  been once visited by Guru Nanak and is thus very much revered. Set amidst a market place managed by the local hill dwellers, the Guudwara can be approached through a narrow lane. It is a relatively small Gurudwara located in a plot that is linear in form. an old tree that used to hide the facade of the Gurudwara has recently been cut down as its growing roots were damaging the foundations of the Gurudwara and several building around. The single storied Gurudwara is surrounded by the living quarters of the caretakers , Granthi etc.., the langar hall and some additional accommodation premises.  Many people come here to listen to the tale of Guru Nanak's visit to this place which is narrated beautifully. It is here that one hears an inspiring rendition of a portion of  "Bachitra Natak' that is related to Hemkunt , from the Granthi, which leaves a lasting impression.


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