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Situated at an altitude of 1828m, on the west bank of the river Alaknanda, Gobind Ghat is the place where the mortable road for journey to Hemkunt ends. A number of vehicles can be seen parked as one descends to the level of the Gurdwara. Pilgrims usually halt here for the night before continuing their journey on foot or on mules. Previously  known as Saymtay, Gobind Ghat is basically a hamlet of shops and small inns and hotels. The shops are varied -ranging from eating places to tea stalls to shops selling items associated with the visit to Hemkunt. These includes items which are necessary for the journey ahead like walking sticks , plastic rain  coats sturdy shoes , caps, saropas (scarves tied on the heads like bandas) and even clothing items to ward  off the cold.

Besides these, the shops sell sovinour in the form of photograph and posters of Hemkunt Sahib , religious  books , audio cassettes etc. It is through a line of such a colorful array of stalls and shops that  the Gurdwara at Gobind Ghat can be approached.

Sevadars at the entrance of Gurdwara Gobind Ghat. Winding through the shops  , the cobbled path leads to the Gurdwara complex which is spread along both of its sides .Past the Gurdwara , one reaches the suspension  bridge that spans the river Alaknanda. Colorful flags flutter atop the brightly painted corrugated steel roofs that rise above the white of the buildings. Although, the Gurdwara is a trifle overshadowed by the surroundings buildings, on the whole the air  is one religious festivity. The buildings surrounding the Gurdwara are mostly rest houses where the pilgrims are accommodated without any cost or prejudice.


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