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Gobind Dham , translated as the abode of Gobind, is located at height of 3,048 m. It is here that both pilgrims and trekkers halt for the night before heading for the final sojourn to Hemkunt. Gobind Dham  is a place that becomes active only between the months of June and October. Along with first places Hemkunt, Gobind Dham was amongst the first places at such altitudes to be surveyed by the Survey of India. Similar to Gobind Ghat , Gobind Dham also consists of shops and lodges besides the government tourist and forest rest houses.

Aching feet tired spirits are instantly revived by the karah prasad at the gurudwara. The gurudwara at Gobind Dham is also considered as a holy place similar to Hemkunt Sahib. The present gurudwara is located towards the right as one enters the complex . Located near the second gate is the tree in the hollowed trunk of which Havaldar Modan singh had taken shelter many time. The tree is accorded holy status and many  people pose for photograph with it. Even though they are exhausted , one is amazed to see the pilgrims immediately get down to performing different aspects of sewa.

A new Gurudwara , designed by architect S. Manmohan Singh Siali is to be constructed in the complex. In September in the year 1998, the foundation of Gurudwara was laid following a ceremony and ardas by the granthi. Present along with the architect was Namda Singh Chauhan , the son of the village headmen, who has played an important role on development of the Gurudwaras at Hemkunt and Gobind dham. Nanda Singh Chauhan's long time association with Havaldar Modan Singh and other peers inspired an absolutely captivating rendition of the tale about the search for Hemkunt which enthralled his audience.

It was from his that one heard how people learnt about the holy status of Gobind Dham. It is said that a shaft of sunlight shone upon the open Guru Granth Sahib at the Gurudwara and a celestial voice proclaimed that the place of Gobind Dham too would be regarded as a 'pilgrimage'. Such interesting tales heard from the men, named Nanda Singh Chauhan, whose dedication server as an example to devotees  makes the journey even  more worthwhile.


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