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The Gurdwara at Joshimath , the transit stop that is around an hour's drive from Gobind Ghat , is also located in the midst of  a market and is situated next to the Punjab National Bank. The nishan sahib, standing tall, is the first thing one notices since the small gurudwara, itself is located at a level lower than the road . After paying their obeisance, many people make their inter state telephone calls from the nearby market because this is the last place to be able to do so.

The traverse from here to Gobind Ghat is of the kind that gives one an insight on hillside life, Women  folk carrying huge bundles of hay on their heads, red cheeked children on the way from school . Quaint houses are farmed by brightly colored flowers. Terraced fields with  the harvest swaying in the mountain breeze and the immaculate cantonment. It is interesting to pass through roads lined by smartly turned out army men waiting for their due inspection by an officer.

These sights  change into those of raw mountains and one comes to a bridge specially designed to carry heavy loads like army vehicles. Since it is a precarious junction , only  one vehicle is allowed to pass at a time. Work to carry out construction of roads on the other side of the mountain can also be seen. One crosses numerous fallen boulders and hears the tale of temple that still exists in spite of being subjected to a major landslide. All this reinforces one's belief in the holy powers of the Almighty.


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